Do you want to use cooking as a way to help live your best, healthy inspired life?

Did you like to cook at one point but now have mixed feelings as it sometimes feels like a chore -- your incredibly busy life gets in the way and you just want it to be easier? However, you want to cook more because you see the benefits for your health, for nurturing/ bonding with loved ones and for your wallet? Or are you a passionate or aspiring cook but want to have even more fun and more challenges?

You have more power than you think to improve the experience, or at the very least, make it more inviting. Give yourself the right “power tools” to make cooking faster, easier and more enjoyable.  Even better, gift yourself with tools that save money and space and bring delight!    

Regardless of how much you like cooking and no matter how you define healthy (mentally and physically), we want to help empower you to use cooking for self-care and care for those you love.  Let us relieve you of your search for the right tools with our specially curated selection to make the kitchen more convenient and welcoming.


Our Story


This is my story.  Many years ago, when I was over 300lbs, I recall being quite unhappy in my skin and indulging in mostly junk food and lots of binge eating to self-soothe.  Then I had a rude awakening when the largest size at one of the few “plus size” stores was getting tight.  With no sizes to go, I spoke to my favorite toffee and almonds milk chocolate bar, telling it that when its around in 100 years, I wanted to be there to eat it! I secretly researched and customized a diet and cooked my way to losing well over 100lbs (with minimal exercise, so it was about the food).  

That journey showed the importance of cooking and knowing what you consume.  It builds knowledge, gives YOU more control and choice.  Want more sugar, want less? All up to you and you own that knowledge.  No matter your weight, how you define health or whether you like to cook, it is self-care, reinforcing love towards yourself and others.  That investment of time says "I am worth it" and "I love you".

Fortunately with a part time job back then, I had more time to cook.  That is not the case these days for me and for so many of you.  Though beneficial, you may not be able cook as much as you’d like -- or you don’t at all, discouraged by the thought that it’s a tedious chore. Perhaps you love it, but have gotten bored.  Let us help you take the guess work out of tools that can help -- whether you are a busy parent, a busy professional, a meal prep fanatic (hail to body builders), a hosting maestro or you just want to make more conscious choices.  It will be our privilege to support your journey.