About us

HealthyInspiredcook.com was launched to offer multifunctional and tools of convenience to simplify the cooking experience.  We believe that cooking to your health is totally achievable when you remove the barriers and the "chore" with the right tools and shortcut techniques.

My story

Hi, Welcome Healthy Inspired Cook!  I am Kadia, the founder.  Many years ago, I used cooking as my super power to lose over 100lbs.  While I am still on my own health journey, I continue to use cooking to keep me on track.  As I acquired more knowledge of ingredients, it gave me control and choice in what I ate.  However, like many of you, I don’t want cooking to turn into a long chore and I seek to be efficient.  Call me “shortcut queen”!  I created this store so I can do the work not just for myself but also for you in finding tools and techniques to make cooking fast and easy...and even a little more fun.  That way, you feel inspired to cook more.  That way, you stay on track toward your health and weight loss goals.  That way, you nurture yourself and feel more in control of your unique health journey, mind and body.

Our Offering

You have more power than you think to stick to your health and weightloss goals. Yes, cooking can feel like a chore sometimes, even if you like it.  However, if you set yourself up for success by using tools and techniques to short cut the process, it is achievable!  Give yourself the right “power tools” to make cooking faster, easier and more enjoyable.  In many cases, you will also be giving yourself tools that save money and space and bring some fun!   

Regardless of how much you like cooking and no matter how you define healthy (mentally and physically), we want to help empower you to use cooking for self-care and care for those you love.  Let us relieve you of your search for the right tools with our specially curated selection to make the kitchen more convenient and welcoming. Otherwise, as we say in my homeland Jamaica "Walk Good", meaning be well!