This may be a life saver (okay maybe not quite, but you will love the fun, convenience and save time with this multi-use cutting board). It is not only a cutting board, but can be transformed into a wash basin, a draining tub and a caddy.  Minimize dishes to clean up.  Use as storage. It is lightweight and portable enough to flatten, carry in a backpack or use as a caddy for drinks for your trips, barbeques and picnics.

Why You will love This:

  • Save space with a foldable design that takes up less room in your cupboards
  • Save time with fewer steps and fewer dishes to clean -- clean 1 item, not 4!
  • Use as a wash basin before or after chopping with handy drainage stopper
  • Hassle-free portability -- use as a caddy or storage in your kitchen or for external cooking events
  • Hygienic, easily cleaned non-porous plastic surface does not harbor germs

Key features:

  • 4 in 1 tool as a chopping board, colander, drainer and caddy
  • Collapsible, allowing for easy storage
  • Portable for use anywhere
  • Convenient and ergonomic, smart design with handles and non-slip foot pad
  • Thickened polypropylene (PP), food-grade plastic considered the safest plastic due to high-heat resistance


  1. Collapsible/ folding basket
  2. Materials: polypropene plastic (BPA-free)
  3. Colors: white/ gray, white/ darker gray, white/ green
  4. Unfolded size at top: approximately 40cm x 30cm x 15cm (15.72 in x 11.79 in x 5.8in)
  5. Folded size at top: approximately 40cm x 30cm x 3cm (15.72in x 11.79in x 1.18in)
  6. Size at bottom: 25cm x 19.6 (9.8in x 7.75in)
  7. Package includes 1 collapsible cutting board