Double Duty Electronic Scale and Measuring Cup


Perfect your cooking and baking while saving time and space in measuring ingredients with this Double Duty Digital Me... Read More


Perfect your cooking and baking while saving time and space in measuring ingredients with this Double Duty Digital Measuring Cup and Scale.  They say "measure twice", especially when baking.  This 2 in 1 measuring cup and scale will give you the convenience and precision you need with a combined standard measuring cup and digital scale.


 Why You Will Love This!

  • BE A BETTER, MASTER COOK -- get more precise measurements, faster
  • CONVENIENCE and FLEXIBILITY -- use cups or weights (e.g., grams) per recipe requirements with one device
  • PRECISE FOOD TRACKING -- great for dieters and those tracking foods as you can use the recipe cup measurements and simultaneously measure the weight via the digital scale

     Special notes:

    • The scale should be used with the detachable cup for accurate measurement
    • Detach the cup and wash it separately from the scale.  The electronic scale should only be wiped as needed
    2 in 1 Electronic Scale and Measuring Cup

    Other Key Features:

    • Detachable measuring cup with capacity up to 2 cups and 600ml
    • Digital scale up to 1000g capacity
    • Easy to read measurements in an LCD screen on the side of the handle
    • Easy to change measurements -- from ounces, to grams to millimeters, etc.
    • Portable with battery operation (not included)
    • Auto on/off function to save battery life
    • Easy to use button operation (simple to turn on and change desired metrics)
    • Easy to wash (warm soapy water for the cup only and not the scale)


    1. Capacity: 2 cups, 600ml, 1000g
    2. Material: PC (polycarbonate)
    3. 6 measurement units : g - ml - oz - cup - ct - lb
    4. Measurements: 6.3in x 4.7in x 5.5in (16cm x12cm x14cm); please allow for some error
    5. Includes tare/add function, a low battery warning, and an auto-off function
    6. Note: requires 1x 3V CR2032 battery (currently included)
    7. Package includes:
      1. 1 detachable plastic measuring cup
      2. 1 digital scale base
      3. CR2032 battery (currently included)
      4. Instruction manual (click to access)
    2 in 1 Electronic Scale and Measuring Cup
    2 in 1 Electronic Scale and Measuring Cup



    1. Insert a CR2032 3V battery in the bottom of the digital scale base
    2. To insert the cup into the digital scale base
      1. Align the cup with the slots in the base of the digital scale
      2. Push back the lever with the arrow on the top of the handle and insert the knob at the top of the cup in that slot
      3. Release the lever to set in place
    3. Turn on the scale, by pressing the button at the top of the handle
    4. Select your desired unit of measurement by clicking the "Mode" button

    For more, see the instruction manual

    1. The digital scale needs to be used with the cup in place
    2. Do not use for excessively hot liquids (use for liquids between 0 degrees celsius and 40 degrees celsius (or 32 degrees fahrenheit and 104 degrees fahrenheit))
    3. This requires a CR2032 3V battery, currently included
    4. Wash only the cup, first detaching it from the scale
    5. Do not place the scale in water
    1. Is it dishwasher safe? This withstands heat up to 40 degrees celsius/ 104 degrees fahrenheit. We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water 
    2. Is the battery included? Yes; we are currently shipping units with the battery; it needs a CR2032 3V battery in the bottom of the digital scale 
    3. Can I place hot fluids in this? We do not recommend placing fluids hotter than 40 degrees celsius/ 104 degrees fahrenheit 
    4. What does the temperature measure? The temperature only measures the outside air and not the interior content of the cup 
    5. Can the scale be used separately? Because the tool is calibrated to work with the centered cup, you should measure ingredients inside the cup while securely attached to the digital scale


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Nadia G
    Best measuring cup I've owned

    I love this cup! I cook for myself and some of the recipes I follow are written for like 6 people, so sometimes I have to divide the amount of ingredients by 3 (ok ok I eat what 2 people eat hahaha). I'm on a pretty strict diet so I really needed both a measuring cup and a scale.
    I've owned several measuring cups in the past and this one is the best! I've owned some metal cups (they were a pain to wash, they were never clean and then I lost one), I've owned a couple of crystal cups (they shattered and I spent months finding small crystal pieces everywhere) and finally found this cup!
    This measuring cup is great, I hand wash it and it's pretty easy to wash. It is accurate and now my recipes come out perfectly. It really takes away the guesswork and calculations. I usually just measure the dry ingredients first and then the wet ones so I don't have to wash it multiple times while cooking.
    BTW this cup is a measuring cup and a electronic scale, so you don't have to buy a scale separately.
    Buying from this website was a breeze, it came quickly and well packaged, so the cup was in perfect condition. It includes a battery already (in the handler) and replacing the battery is quite easy, you don't need any tools. Don't forget to remove the little piece of plastic that protects the battery for it to work.
    Buy this cup, you won't regret it!

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